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"A secret weapon in this band is Igor Osypov from Ukraine. He reiterates Richardson’s cries in guitar notes like knife slashes."

 Article about We Jazz Fest 2018 by Thomas Conrad on Jazz Times from December, 20th 2018. Read more 

"Fleet-fingered Ukrainian guitarist Igor Osypov and Polish bassist Max Mucha completed the powerhouse rhythm section..."

 Article about Blues People performance at Jazz Cafe in London 2018 by London Jazz News  from May, 9th 2017. Read more 

"Osypov is a guitarist with a fresh, complete concept. Sometimes he reminds you of Bill Frisell when his glistening notes fall like intermittent raindrops. His set, with no breaks between songs, was like a suite, a single (elaborated) atmosphere."

 Article about Alfa Jazz Fest 2017 by Thomas Conrad on from July, 11th 2017. Read more 

"The content of the Berlin-based plectrist's Dream Delivery came as a pleasant shock. Seemingly, within the past year, Osypov has taken prodigious strides towards staking out a unique personal sound."


 Review on "Dream Delivery" by Dave Wayne on from July, 28th 2016. Read more  

"That said, I is an impressive debut that does far more than merely impress. There's some great music on offer here, and Osypov and his young bandmates are definitely names to keep an eye on in the future." 


Review on "I" by Dave Wayne on from 5. October 2015.  

Read more

"Was nicht heißen soll, dass Osypov nicht auch lyrische Pas- sagen wunderbar meistert. Tatsächlich evoziert er auf seinem schlicht „I“ betitelten Debütalbum mit seinem Quintett ein weites Feld an Stimmungen und lässt seinen Begleitern viel Raum für ein organisches Zusammen- spiel."

Review in Austrian magazine "Concerto", issue 3/2015, Read more

Review in  German jazz-magazine "Jazz Podium", issue 7-8/2015,  Read more

Review in German jazz-magazine "Jazz Thing", issue 110/2015. Read more 

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